Sunday, November 3, 2013

Barbie Girl book

It has been quite a long time since I did my last book review. Just recently I decided to pick up a book that I was given to by an author named Heidi Acosta. She was sitting right next to author Shayne Leighton from the series Of Light and Darkness at the Indie Book Fest this year in Orlando, Florida. Since I have been living in Orlando for almost 6-7 months now I had planned on going to see the Indie Book Fest to meet more authors and meet Shayne for the first time.

When the Book Fest was over I was helping Shayne and her mother get things packed up when I noticed a very interesting book right next to the table I was sitting at. Heidi Acosta was there and we ended up talking about how I was in the middle of a writer's block on my book that I have been writing since my sophomore year in high school. She was so kind enough to give me a copy of her book to give me some ideas on how to write. I finally found the time to read her book and I LOVE her writing.

This book is for the adult reading criteria than the teen. It is about two teens: Barbie and Dylan. Barbie is failing Math and she needs to pass so she can graduate and take her little brother Everette and leave her hometown forever. But the only person that can help her do that is Dylan, who in return he has been in love with a girl named Katie since he first saw her. Barbie makes a deal that she knows Dylan cannot refuse: get Katie to like Dylan in return for a passing grade.

What started off as a good idea turns out that it can be more than the two would have imagined. Their feelings become a monstrous whirlwind and they cannot tell what is right and what is wrong anymore when they are around each other. Will Barbie get the grade she needs to get out of town? Can Dylan finally get Kaite  onotice him for the first time? Or will there be more secrets than they have been trying to hide for so long from the world that they did not want to be discovered?

This is a book series and I highly recommend it to those who are in need of a good book. My overall rating for this book is a 5 of 5 and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.

Book 1 of 4 for Barbie Girl series

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Indie Book Fest 2013 Orlando, Florida

Okay all you 'Of Light and Darkness; fans out there! I finally found time to post this on here! As many of you were aware I was going to go see Shayne Leighton the author of OLaD in Orlando while I was working for Disney World on an internship! When I was going to check into the reservation desk, I heard someone shout my name from my left side. Turns out it was Shayne! She had noticed me in a flash and I was SO excited to FINALLY meet her for the first time! I stayed for one convention but after an hour I decided to go see Shayne and get to know her better.

When I was at her table I told her what I personally thought of her books, (like she didn't know already lol) what my fellow cast members thought of her characters, and getting to know her on a personal level as well. It was so much fun learning more about how she decided to write this book series, talking about the legends in her books that are used in the Czech Republic, her trip with her husband Frank to the Czech Republic for a writter's retreat, and so much more!

I was able to help her out with trying to get a lot of other people to buy her books as well. Frank wasn't able to be there due to work schedules but we both knew he was there in spirit. Below are some pictures I took of the Indie Book Fest and what Shayne's table looked like and us together! I am also PLEASED to announce that the 3rd book will be out by the end of the year! So for those of you who haven't read the 2nd book, READ IT!!!! You'll understand why and this is just the beginning of the amazing roller coaster ride with Valek and Charlotte "Lottie". May the odds be ever in their favor (ha ha oops! Wrong book!)

Shayne and I at her table at the Book Fest

The advertisements of her book and for the movie as well

What the table looked like when people passed by while I was there with Shayne.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Vampire's Reflection!

Here is my new review of the second book "Of Light and Darkness: The Vampire's Reflection" By Shayne Leighton. I am very pleased to announce that this is a "on the edge of your seat" book! I was literally DEVOURING this book! The video will show you the ratings and the newest character Shayne  has brought to us! I did not say as to why I love the new character but if you get the book, you'll understand why! (Oh and a little F.Y.I., Aiden is going to be a never ending love/hate relationship that people just go crazy over with! He is just down your neck and you can't help but feel certain emotions for him.) The new coven is a little bananas now that they have their so called "freedom", Sarah is going to be put to the test with her loyalties, and more important, why is Valek not willing to do the most simple thing for Charlotte? All these answers WILL be in the book. You just have to read to find them! Oh and if you have I would say that the legend of Baba Yaga is a good one! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vampire's Reflection is FINALLY here!

It is FINALLY here everyone! The day we all have been waiting for, the second book of 'Of Light and Darkness:  The Vampire's Reflection'. The last time we saw Valek and Charlotte they just barely managed to escape the powerful Regime. Now we re-enter the world of the Occult and see what is in store for Valek and Charlotte this time. Where is Aiden? Did he survive the huge battle? Will he seek revenge on Valek who stole the only person he ever loved? 

I cannot believe how time has flown to this new arrival of OLaD! Author Shayne Leighton has yet again proven her books worthy! Many teens and young adults are flying left and right when they see four letters in one word: OLaD (or Of Light and Darkness). When I saw the official date release of this book, I immediately marked all my calendars so that I would not miss this big day in the world! I am about to go on Shayne's live stream so I will be back very soon! 

7:20 p.m.

So for all of you who weren't able to make it in time for the live viewing, it was amazing! There is a lot in store for Valek and Lottie. If you all haven't added Shayne Leighton on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I STRONGLY recommend to add her ASAP! She has done so much and boy this book reviewer is very excited to read what she has in store for the next 4 books! 

I will tell you that book 3 is going to possibly come out this fall or winter. There is no official date yet but keep your eyes and ears peeled to the news! Mrs. Leighton has brought a lot of new twists and turns without giving the spoilers away to us who have not yet read the 2nd book. I am waiting eagerly for the 2nd book in my hands very soon! 

Long live Of Light and Darkness!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Release for Of Light and Darkness Book 2 The Vampire's Reflection

The great arrival of Shayne Leighton's series Of Light and Darkness has finally announced the 2nd book release!

Last time we meet up with Charlotte and Valek, they had managed to escape the Regime with their new band of misfits. But when we thought the it was going to be a happy ending for them, we were wrong. Something is wrong with Charlotte and Valek has to find a way to help her. Will their little band of misfit vampires be willing to help them or turn against them? Will the Regime and Aiden seek revenge on the attack that Valek and Charlotte had left behind?

Charlotte Ruzikova (portrayed by author Shayne Leighton)

Micheal Welch as Aiden Price

Young Charlotte "Lottie" 

Valek Ruzikova (portrayed by Frantisek Mach)
Questions will be answered, lives will be changed, and the author said it will be "on the edge of your seat" book. The 2nd book Of Light and Darkness will be released July 2nd so be sure to mark up your calendars for this event because Valek and Charlotte "Lottie" need our help to keep the journey going! Lets just hope that Aiden isn't watching us or he may come to get us as well.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Of Light and Darkness Book 2 Coming soon and Movie

It has been a while since Of Light and Darkness: The Vampire's Daughter came out to the bookshelves in stores and also on the web where we can buy the book as well. The big question that has been flying in everyone's mind: What is wrong with Charlotte?

Last time we saw Charlotte and Valek, they had managed to leave the Regime with their new band of misfits alive. But will Aiden and the Regime seek revenge on the couple? Will Charlotte's scar go away? And most importantly, will Valek and Charlotte be together forever? 

There are so many questions that I am hoping to be answered in the 2nd book. Author Shayne Leighton has brought a lot of attention and many people cannot wait to see what all she has in store for the rest of her book series. I cannot wait to see what she has in store and what will become of Charlotte and Valek. 

The second book is very close to be released to the stores and online as well. If you have never seen the trailer to the movie, you can check it out here. Make sure to follow Shayne Leighton on facebook, twitter, and her website

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien's 50th Anniversary One-Volume
Edition book. This has all 3 books into 1
Many years have passed since 'The Lord of the Rings' Trilogy came to theaters and now 'The Hobbit' is getting a lot of attention from the LotR fans once more. When I saw 'The Hobbit' I really liked it because it was very different than LotR. When I was watching the movie, I had remembered that my parents bought me the 50th Anniversary One-Volume Edition of The Lord of the Rings for me. So far I am enjoying the books but there are some sections where I have fallen asleep and have to re-read it again. 

The 'Fellowship of the Ring' is a slow book at first but I promise you that it does get better. While I was reading it I could see where the book was used for the movie. It was really fun to read them and visualize the movie while I was in that particular spot of the book. I am almost finished with 'Fellowship of the Ring' and will be moving on to 'Two Towers'. I cannot wait to see what J.R.R. Tolkien has in that book. This is my first tie actually siting down and reading the books. I have to say, they are really good and those of you who have not ever read them, DO IT!!! It is so worth the time and effort trying to trudge your way through book one but it does get better latter on! 

This trilogy to me so far is at a 3.5 of 5 and I encourage all of you to try and read them as well as 'The Hobbit'.