Monday, April 8, 2013

The Release for Of Light and Darkness Book 2 The Vampire's Reflection

The great arrival of Shayne Leighton's series Of Light and Darkness has finally announced the 2nd book release!

Last time we meet up with Charlotte and Valek, they had managed to escape the Regime with their new band of misfits. But when we thought the it was going to be a happy ending for them, we were wrong. Something is wrong with Charlotte and Valek has to find a way to help her. Will their little band of misfit vampires be willing to help them or turn against them? Will the Regime and Aiden seek revenge on the attack that Valek and Charlotte had left behind?

Charlotte Ruzikova (portrayed by author Shayne Leighton)

Micheal Welch as Aiden Price

Young Charlotte "Lottie" 

Valek Ruzikova (portrayed by Frantisek Mach)
Questions will be answered, lives will be changed, and the author said it will be "on the edge of your seat" book. The 2nd book Of Light and Darkness will be released July 2nd so be sure to mark up your calendars for this event because Valek and Charlotte "Lottie" need our help to keep the journey going! Lets just hope that Aiden isn't watching us or he may come to get us as well.

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