Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Vampire's Reflection!

Here is my new review of the second book "Of Light and Darkness: The Vampire's Reflection" By Shayne Leighton. I am very pleased to announce that this is a "on the edge of your seat" book! I was literally DEVOURING this book! The video will show you the ratings and the newest character Shayne  has brought to us! I did not say as to why I love the new character but if you get the book, you'll understand why! (Oh and a little F.Y.I., Aiden is going to be a never ending love/hate relationship that people just go crazy over with! He is just down your neck and you can't help but feel certain emotions for him.) The new coven is a little bananas now that they have their so called "freedom", Sarah is going to be put to the test with her loyalties, and more important, why is Valek not willing to do the most simple thing for Charlotte? All these answers WILL be in the book. You just have to read to find them! Oh and if you have I would say that the legend of Baba Yaga is a good one! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vampire's Reflection is FINALLY here!

It is FINALLY here everyone! The day we all have been waiting for, the second book of 'Of Light and Darkness:  The Vampire's Reflection'. The last time we saw Valek and Charlotte they just barely managed to escape the powerful Regime. Now we re-enter the world of the Occult and see what is in store for Valek and Charlotte this time. Where is Aiden? Did he survive the huge battle? Will he seek revenge on Valek who stole the only person he ever loved? 

I cannot believe how time has flown to this new arrival of OLaD! Author Shayne Leighton has yet again proven her books worthy! Many teens and young adults are flying left and right when they see four letters in one word: OLaD (or Of Light and Darkness). When I saw the official date release of this book, I immediately marked all my calendars so that I would not miss this big day in the world! I am about to go on Shayne's live stream so I will be back very soon! 

7:20 p.m.

So for all of you who weren't able to make it in time for the live viewing, it was amazing! There is a lot in store for Valek and Lottie. If you all haven't added Shayne Leighton on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I STRONGLY recommend to add her ASAP! She has done so much and boy this book reviewer is very excited to read what she has in store for the next 4 books! 

I will tell you that book 3 is going to possibly come out this fall or winter. There is no official date yet but keep your eyes and ears peeled to the news! Mrs. Leighton has brought a lot of new twists and turns without giving the spoilers away to us who have not yet read the 2nd book. I am waiting eagerly for the 2nd book in my hands very soon! 

Long live Of Light and Darkness!