Saturday, August 10, 2013

Indie Book Fest 2013 Orlando, Florida

Okay all you 'Of Light and Darkness; fans out there! I finally found time to post this on here! As many of you were aware I was going to go see Shayne Leighton the author of OLaD in Orlando while I was working for Disney World on an internship! When I was going to check into the reservation desk, I heard someone shout my name from my left side. Turns out it was Shayne! She had noticed me in a flash and I was SO excited to FINALLY meet her for the first time! I stayed for one convention but after an hour I decided to go see Shayne and get to know her better.

When I was at her table I told her what I personally thought of her books, (like she didn't know already lol) what my fellow cast members thought of her characters, and getting to know her on a personal level as well. It was so much fun learning more about how she decided to write this book series, talking about the legends in her books that are used in the Czech Republic, her trip with her husband Frank to the Czech Republic for a writter's retreat, and so much more!

I was able to help her out with trying to get a lot of other people to buy her books as well. Frank wasn't able to be there due to work schedules but we both knew he was there in spirit. Below are some pictures I took of the Indie Book Fest and what Shayne's table looked like and us together! I am also PLEASED to announce that the 3rd book will be out by the end of the year! So for those of you who haven't read the 2nd book, READ IT!!!! You'll understand why and this is just the beginning of the amazing roller coaster ride with Valek and Charlotte "Lottie". May the odds be ever in their favor (ha ha oops! Wrong book!)

Shayne and I at her table at the Book Fest

The advertisements of her book and for the movie as well

What the table looked like when people passed by while I was there with Shayne.

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