Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Ariana Trilogy

Rachel Ann Nunes has done such an amazing job on this trilogy! My loving aunt bought this book for me as a birthday present and for a 'good luck at college' gift. I have come to love this book series because I'm sure a lot of women have been in one place or another with the main character, Ariana.

Our story begins when Ariana de Cotte is in a hotel on her wedding night waiting for her husband Jacques (who has gone out drinking with his friends) alone in the rain. The only thing that Ariana has to keep herself company is her thoughts and past memories that are all to fresh and very painful for her to even think about.

Ariana's life has spiral downwards after the death of her loving twin brother Antoine, her parents shut her out after the tragic loss of their son and all that Ariana has to hold onto is the loneliness and the constant anger she has for her parents that has completely consumed her.

As we continue to follow Ariana and her story after two decades in the two sequels: Araina: A Gift Most Precious and Ariana: A New Beginning we come to see how Araina must over come trials and the love from her family as they learn to over come them together. Ariana's story is very hard but not relate to her and you cry over her tragedies, smile with her over the small but simple triumphs, rejoice when she has embraced a faith that will help sustain her for her life, and learn to feel the love of a wonderful young man who will soon come into Ariana's life that will change her forever.

After I reading all three books, I was amazed to see that while I was reading, I felt like I was becoming Ariana herself! The feeling of relating to Ariana will bring many to read this book over and over again. Rachel Ann Nunes has done a fantastic job on making her readers relate to Ariana and this is a 5 of 5 on my charts of the must reads!

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